Social Advertising

Let the market feel your presence in various social media sites.

Why Social advertising?

Social Media is one of the most commonly used internet tools nowadays. Users can now interact with families, friends and acquaintances in every part of the globe with the help of these sites. Social Media platforms such as Facebook was initially developed to link people closer to each other, but later on introduced contents that got people hooked for hours.

Social Media has also become one of the favorite spots of “brand locators” and advertisers due to the billions of users it caters to. To put it simply, social media substantially increased brand awareness for businesses as they take advantage of the users who spent hours and hours browsing through these sites.

One way of increasing your presence in these sites is through paid social advertising which is normally used by almost 90% of brands all around the world. A right balance of paid social is needed in order to achieve the desired outcome for companies.

How can we help?

Facebook and its affiliate Instagram are two of the most successful social media sites today, with a collective number of user accounts that run in the billions.
Brand Spire has formulated the right way of utilizing these sites that would increase the digital and social presence of its clients through optimizing paid and unpaid social advertising. Whether a company wants to increase its brand awareness or convert opportunities into actual sales, we got it all covered.


Twitter is undeniably one of known contenders of Facebook and Instagram, boasting of hundred of millions of user accounts. It is widely used by known personalities including social media influencers, actors and politicians to speak out their minds via short messages known as Tweets.
With its low price per click, it is one of todays best ad communications tools and a valuable strategic online advertising platform. Same with Facebooks, Brand Spire has mastered the optimization of twitter ads which we see beneficial for businesses.


LinkedIn is more than a job-hunting site, but a social media platform for professionals. If you are catering to a more professional audience, we have the right mix of LinkedIn social advertising strategies prepared for you.

Digital PR & Outreach

We understand that brand presence and brand recognition are very important for businesses that is why integrating PR content and digital media outreach are essential in developing your brand. In this aspect, we have the technical capabilities to assist you in managing your digital presence in these sites to further develop your brand’s reputation.